locked Re: FT8 with FT-991 on 60 meters

Michael WA7SKG

I tried that. The first problem is without CAT control I could not key the radio. The second problem is the memory channel mode cannot be changed, it is hardcoded for USB, so the only way to get audio in is to use the microphone connector.

It looks to me like just too much work for 60 meters. I think he will pass and stay on conventional bands for FT8.

Michael WA7SKG

Gary Rogers wrote on 11/19/19 7:11 PM:

I have set up a separate configuration for 60M and do not use CAT control. I switch from vfo to memory and I leave it on the 5358.5 channel.
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On Nov 19, 2019, at 7:42 PM, Michael WA7SKG <wa7skg@...> wrote:

I'm trying to help a friend with an FT-991. He wanted to try FT8 on 60 meters. Apparently, the FT-991 only operates on 60 meters via special memory channels, with five memories for USB and five for CW. Tuning 60 meter frequencies in VFO mode is part of the General Coverage Receive mode and will not transmit. Selecting the memory channel and trying to switch to D-U changes it back to VFO mode with no transmit. Trying to transmit or use the TUNE button in WSJT-X also kicks it back to VFO mode with no transmit.

So, can the FT-991 successfully be used for FT8 or any other digital mode on 60 meters? If so, any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

tnx es 73,
Michael WA7SKG

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