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Dave,  I've noticed the same thing on occasion.  Seems to happen when I'm out of the shack for awhile, and when I return the computer has gone to sleep.   After waking the computer back up, I need to give a TX cycle to get the audio going again then it's good.  Can't recall losing the audio when actively using the rig.  Herb WB8ASI 

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I am experiencing a problem with intermittent transmit audio when running FT8.  My setup is WSJT-X v2.1.0 and JTAlert v2.15.1, both running on a Win10 PC connected to my TS-590SG through the USB port.  Occasionally, when WSJT-X goes into Tx the rig correctly switches to Tx mode by CAT control, but there appears to be no Tx audio coming from the PC.  If I'm monitoring the sound out from WSJT-X using Control Panel/Sound when the problem occurs, I see no indication of audio out to the TS-590 USB CODEC.  This occurs infrequently and only on the first transmission when trying to establish a new contact.  When it does occur, if I click on "Halt Tx" and then immediately re-enable Tx within the same time slot the Tx audio returns.  If I do nothing, the Tx audio works fine on the next Tx cycle.

This problem was described about a year ago by AA3AE in post #1798 ( ), and by WB5JJJ  as a long standing problem.  Has anyone found a solution or any additional information regarding this problem?

Dave, K8WDA 
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