locked Re: Display Frequency


Okay, thanks to a couple of very kind ops, I have realized I am asking the wrong question.

The radio dial frequency is the far left of the display. What I am searching for is not the radio frequency location on the waterfall, I am actually trying to find the audio frequency that JT65-HF by W6CQZ used to mark his "zero" point in the center of his display.

Would it be safe to surmise that since he set the display at 2kHz, the center is1000hz? Would that mean the center of Joe's software would be 1500, the center of my passband as suggested?

I have been setting my dial frequency at 1kHz above the JT65 "standard" to take in part of both the JT65 region and part of the JT9 region. I don't want to intrude on JT65 ops with JT9 or vice versa so I am looking for the proper placement of my JT65 JT9 marker to coincide with the +1000 mark on JT65-HF. With my bins/pixel set at 3, I can see both ends of my audio passband. But, when I my radio dial is set a +1kHz, JT65 operation seems to be further left than the center of the passband.

I intend to work JT65 QRP in the region between JT65 and JT9 but is difficult if I cannot define exactly where that is.


Fred - KK5AA

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