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Tim Dawson

NTP really is the gold standard, available on just about any platform, and pretty much trivial to configure.

(Yes, I know that some have had issues with Meinberg NTP on Whin*, but on review, that almost always seems to be failure to read the docs and configure correctly).

No jumps, complies with a standard, and just works.

And you can run a GPS with ntp, but best not USB - the delays/jitter in the USB connection really make that a mediocre solution at best, but better than nothing.  Best is a serial attached GPS with a PPS input . . . If you want to go there . . . :-)

- Tim, N8EAU

On 3/21/23 18:51, Steve - K6MNO wrote:
On a Mac, the OS is using NTP. I am generally within .03 sec of the
various time standards when I check.

-steve, K6MNO

On Tue, Mar 21, 2023 at 3:45 PM Bob K6UJ <k6uj@...> wrote:
will it work on a Mac ?

On Mar 21, 2023, at 1:33 PM, k9ao via groups.io <k9ao@...> wrote:


Free and it creates a true NTP daem on on the PC. It runs a drift file line a Linux or UNIX system does so it can anticipate clock drift and you get better timing accuracy than your clock chip alone can provide. Step-tick on startup too.

Set it and forget it, it just works.


Rick Kunath, K9AO

Tim Dawson


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