locked Re: Combined FT4 & FT8 usage at 7.047 MHz causes WSJT-X to crash

Michael WA7SKG

I believe you will see almost all of the FT8 activity on 7047.5 is related to the A82Z Liberia DXpedition. They are using non-traditional frequencies. See their bandplan at

Michael WA7SKG

Gary - AC6EG via Groups.Io wrote on 10/1/19 8:38 AM:

At around 00:00 GMT yesterday, I made some FT4 contacts on 40 meters at 7.047 MHz, but I found there were more people using FT8 than FT4!  I checked 7.074 and, as expected, I found it was alive with FT8 activity.   I tuned back to 7.047 and tried to switch the mode to FT8 to see what was going on and I found that the "40m" in the band window had turned red and the drop down menu was disabled.  I had to restart the program to restore functionality.
I have set up separate Configurations for FT4 and FT8.    I've found that when using the FT4 configuration, 7.047 is the only 40M frequency that appears in the drop down menu.   When I switch to the FT8 configuration, both 7.047 and 7.074 appear in the drop down menu.  I believe that is why some people are using FT8 on the frequency intended for FT4.
Gary - AC6EG

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