Locked Re: WSJTx F/H VFO change when xmitting #FoxAndHound

Tim Dawson

I guess I would take your statement one more step . . .

Always use "split" if your rig will support it.

If not, use "fake it".

("Fake it" is, after all, an approximation to allow a single VFO radio to try to do the same thing split offers.)


On February 15, 2023 3:18:56 AM CST, Juergen DL4YCD <dl4ycd@...> wrote:
Steve, Larry, Tim,
tnx for the info. Yes you are right. The manual says exactly what to do but I was not aware that this is always to be done. I thought "Fake It" is only for F/H. And I was not aware that there is a QRG-change when WSJTx tried to optimize audio. So lessons leared:
- always use "Fake It"
- dont worry abt. frequency-change when xmitting
- control in PSKREPORTER that xmit is on the selected QRG, even if VFO says some different
Juergen - DL4YCD

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