Locked Re: PSK Reporter spotting intervals #TechnicalHelpQuestion

David Ackrill

On Sat, Feb 11, 2023 at 04:21 AM, John P wrote:

Not sure what you mean by that. You can look for signals from or to any
individual station using the stuff at the top of the window.
Yes, but that only shows individual stations single spots sent and/or recieved, then PSK Reporter doesn't show another spot for the station that has been heard and plotted on that band and mode for another 20 minutes. Whilst that's OK on HF or bands where there's a lot of activity from all squares, but it's not so useful on VHF/UHF.

For two reasons. 1. What are known as 'on-and-gone' plots. Where a station decodes just 1 transmission period from another station, but then nothing after that, the spot/flag stays there for 20 minutes giving an impression that there's a path but it could have been only one decoded period, and 2. Once a station is plotted it isn't updated for 20 minutes. In that time the signals received may have increased or decreased, but there's no way to know for another 20 minutes and on VHF/UHF that's a long time. Propagation can have come and gone in that time.

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