Locked Re: Mystery audio cycling mic on system tray


Not suffering the issue where Windows Explorer gobbles CPU if there are any dead/broken shortcuts on the system?


As mentioned on this (or a related) list a little while ago...


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Re: Mystery audio cycling mic on system tray
From: pa3abk
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2019 17:57:40 PDT

Had a similar problem some weeks ago after the W10 update 1903.
USB soundcard (Behringer UCA222)  was initially not recognized by W10 used a cheap USB stick instead.

However WSJT-X "stopped". Graphics contained colorfull stripes. Clock om WSJT-X was OK, however the soundbar was "fixed". The internal soundcard was also suffering from the same. Sometime worked fine over several hours but system was unreliable. Strangely other ham progs using the same USB card didn't suffer. (FLdigi ect). One of the actions to restore WSJT-X was to re-iniate the soundcard in the audio tab or restart WSJT-X. Sometimes it was "stable" for some hours, sometimetimes it stopped within minutes.

Did a regression back to the older version of W10, but problem remained. So some days later did a an upgrade again to 1903. This time the USB Behringer was recognized but the drop out of the soundcard remained.

Couldn't solve it... bought a Rasperry 4 installed WSJT-X which worked FB out of the box on Debian Buster. 

Later sorted out that the W10/1903 introduced "war"parameters on (my also old) laptop which completly congested the bridge. CPU was heavy loaded (100%) by doing "nothing".

Appeared that the update mechanisme and  virus defender was claiming all of it's power.

You can reduce or stop it's activity in the update tab of W10.

It's a unknown why other programs didn't suffer of this, maybe because WSJT-X is outside the "Program" directory?
Later another PC was updated (an old 2 core AMD cpu), had simular issues, timing was completely out of specs the 2 mins intervals was shrinked to 1 min or less, no decodes, it stabilized after an hour or so when the update/viruscan was less furious. Also gave this PC  update mechanisme and defender more peacefull parameters.


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