Locked Re: Audio problem with WSJTX using Ubuntu 22.04LTS with SignaLink USB and Kenwood TS-2000 #pulseaudio #linux #Kenwood #WSJTX_config

Tim Dawson

Hmmmm . . . both not working would tend to point to choosing the wrong device. I'm using a SignalLink with Pulse and all is fine (not on Ubuntu, but that is pretty irrelevant, since they diidn't write the audio code . . . ).

Does the SignalLink key when you try to transmit? If so, it's getting audio, and the problem may be the interconnect to your rig and/or settings thereon. Does Tigertronics have motes on TS-2000 setup?

On January 24, 2023 10:04:27 AM CST, Roger Reeves M0ROJ <m0roj@...> wrote:
I am returning to digital communications following a lengthy COVID 'holiday' and try as I may I cannot find workable settings for this combination.
I am using PulseAudio in Ubuntu 22.04 and despite using 'pulse audio' in the WSJTX 2.5.4 configuration audio settings - and also trying Alsa and other settings - none give me any audio into WSJTX, or a transmit - yet 'pulse audio' is working with other apps' on the system and with system sounds.
The Signalink jumpers are as recommended by Tigertronics; although there appears some confusion generally as to whether you also use the diode link for the PTT/Mute to work correctly on a Kenwood TS2K. I have not used the diode and have adhered to the Signalink settings advice, which does not promote using it.
I'm using the SLCAB-13K connecting cable between the Signalink and the TS-2000; which I believe is the correct one.
Help/advice would be greatly appreciated?
Thanks and 73 in advance.
Roger M0ROJ IO83pb

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