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Tim Dawson

You still need something like NTP to smoothly manage your clock, even with a time source like that. GPS or not, if it step adjusts, you may have problems.

On January 21, 2023 10:47:17 AM CST, rempecs@... wrote:
Hi Tad,
You can also get this:
"USB GPS Receiver Antenna Gmouse for Laptop PC Car Marine Navigation/Stratux/Raspberry Pi"
From Amazon and connect this to your PC and use BktTimeSync free software to connect to the GPS receiver and then use it as your continuous clock Sync via the satellites orbiting around you!
There is an option after you see it connect and tell you the accuracy of your time, to then reduce it in your tray.
This was an article in QST back in June or July of 2022. I got one for under $20.00 and use it every time I get on WSJT-X.
73's Rich, WA1FKP

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On 1/20/23 17:26, K7RA Tad Cook wrote:
I just reset Dimension 4 to sync time every 320 minutes. So far
today, no problems.
Hi, Tad:

As long as your clock stays within 2 seconds, then your computer may lose one decode every 5 hours 20 minutes.

A standard NTP client would keep your clock accurate and you would never loose a decode due to a clock adjustment.

time.is reports this computers time as:

" Your time is exact!
The difference from Time.is was -0.006 seconds (±0.034 seconds). "

Close enough for WSJT-X modes.

73, Chuck

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