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Tim Dawson

Have you tried any other speeds? In all the searches I have done on your combo, folks seem to be running 4800 . . . Wondering if WSJTX might be orking the higher speeds . . .

Just a thought . . .

On January 20, 2023 1:29:57 PM CST, Eugene Morgan <ee_morgan@...> wrote:
Yes they match 38400, #32 in the rig, OmniRig, and WSJT-X. If they didn't OmniRig would also not be able to communicate with the radio, nor would PCC-5000, they all work fine except WSJT-X. I also confirmed in device manager 38400,8,n,1. All match. But thanks for the suggestion. That would be the first thing I would check as well, so good suggestion.

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Baud rate on the radio (item #32, iirc) and on the computer?

On January 20, 2023 12:03:29 PM CST, Eugene Morgan <ee_morgan@...> wrote:

I uploaded the files as you requested. I hope they can shed some light on what’s not working. So that you know how these logs were generated I have detailed out my process of creating the two files I uploaded.

1. Turned my FTDX 5000 on and brought up WSJT-X and started decoding
2. I changed the configuration from OmniRig to the FT-5000. I made no other changes to my configuration. I didn’t confirm the settings for COM 8, they were 8,n,1. I left both the RTS and DTS unchecked.
3. I shutdown WSJT-X
4. I deleted the old syslog
5. Rebooted my machine to make sure that OmniRig didn't load
6. Confirmed that OmniRig didn’t load. FYI: it’s not listed in the my startups tab in Task manager
7. I brought up WSJT-X and it made a new syslog.
8. I waited to collect several minutes of decoding - WSJT-X was not able to talk to the FT-5000 the entire time
9. I shutdown WSJT-X
10. I copied the syslog and renamed it to (FTDX5000)wsjtx_syslog.log (it’s uploaded to dropbox)
11. I deleted the syslog
12. I loaded OmniRig
13. I brought up WSJT-X and changed the configuration back to OmniRig
14. Everything started working fine
15. I let it do a few decodes and then shutdown WSJT-X
16. I copied the syslog to another folder and uploaded to dropbox
17. Wrote this email

If you have any suggestions or questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll hold off installing the new hamlib. I down loaded both it and the new GA release of WSJT-X but have not installed them. I’m kind of at a place where I’m thinking, “if it aint broke don’t fix it.” But I will installed them if you would like me to.

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