Locked I don't see signal on the water fall and it doesn't decode #windows11 #Icom #windows12

Andy 2945G KN6MDB

First time here.
I have just setup WSJT-X on a new windows 11 laptop. I had a previous version of WSJT running on a windows 10 machine.

On this setup I am able to run test CAT and Test PTT with good results. The software controls the radio changing bands on request When I re-start the software I see signal in the waterfall but it fades away. The radio is on a busy band with good signals. I'm on COM7 which I verified is the correct port. 19200 baud which matches the radio. But since I can control the radio this is working. I have tried the mode with none, usb, data/pkt

I wonder if this is an audio issue. I have the mic and speakers on USB Audio CODEC.

The gain on the left hand side is at 18 dB. I can't seem to adjust that. Is that a new feature?

Thanks for the help.
Andy Bushnell 73

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