Locked Re: CAT control works but no radio signal on waterfall or band activity #AudioIssues

Tim Dawson

Audio and control are typically not the same device - check your audio config.

On January 8, 2023 12:45:01 PM CST, Tom Arny <tarny@...> wrote:
I am trying to run wsjtx on linux using a mac mini. WSJT x opens and controls the radio (an ICOM 7300) and I can change bands by clicking in the box on the wsjtx screen. but there is no signal on the green vertical bar on left or any signals on waterfall. Sound seems to be working on machine as I can listen to youtube videos. I'm sure this is simply that I've shut off something in error, but I have no idea what. The usb cable from the ICOM seems to work because I can plug it in to my laptop and wsjtx opens correctly. Yesterday I did have signals on both the waterfall and band activity window but no CAT control. Not sure what happened over night.

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