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Earl I also us /QRP. I enjoy running 5 wats or less with my Yaesu 817. Lot's fun to me.

73's Dave NU4N

On 1/7/2023 10:38 AM, Earl Needham wrote:
Using WSJT-X version 2.5.4, I have been using CQ QRP KD5XB DM84 to indicate
that I am running QRP.

When I change my callsign to KD5XB/QRP, the CQ that goes out is CQ
KD5XB/QRP and nothing more. Obviously that isn't the greatest solution.

When I change TX6 to say CQ KD5XB/QRP DM84 what actually goes out is CQ
KD5XB DM84 - so that doesn't work either.

So it appears that I will drop the QRP from my CQs. For what it's worth.

Vy 7 3
Earl / KD5XB

On Sat, Jan 7, 2023 at 9:27 AM Larry Banks via groups.io <larryb.w1dyj=
verizon.net@groups.io> wrote:

I have been using *CQ HI W1DYJ FN42* lately. Yes, I am looking for HI in
this case: a "directed" CQ. (I do answer anyone who calls me though, as
I believe in answering all who call.) If I was *_from _*HI I would use
CQ W1DYJ/HI, probably without the grid as this is probably a special
call and would not allow the grid.

W1DYJ/HI */would also require/* a new LoTW certificate (as would
W1DYJ/QRP) as it is a different call than W1DYJ. I would also have to
upload to LoTW both W1DYJ and W1DYJ/HI as I would never know under which
call my QSO partner would have logged me.

This is a good reason to *NEVER *use *W1DYJ/anything* as it is prone to

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ

On 1/7/2023 10:05, kg4lac via groups.io wrote:
No definate answer, so far, from the replies. Some feel this indicates
they only want QRP while others feel this indicates they are running QRP.
Adding to the confusion, I've see CQ HI where, I beleive someone is
trying for Hawaii. So, to me, CQ QRP, following the same logic as the CQ
HI, one wants contact with someone using QRP. Perhaps, as mentioned in the
replies CA CallSign/QRP is a better indicator similar to CA Callsign/M

*73'S DAVE NU4N*

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