Locked Re: Necessity for Logic to prevent "RR73 Loops" #EnhancementReqest


On 5 December 2022, at 16:13, "Tim Brannon, WA5MD" <timbmd@...> wrote:

I agree with Reino and Gilbert.
What about this logic for an enhancement:
After I send a Tx 4 "RR73", I receive the "Prompt me to log QSO" (current state).
I thought that was as it is now.
IF I receive a repeat Tx 3 "R-xx" reply from the QSO partner, then I automatically send RR73 again, up to a limit of X repeats (configurable by me). The QSO partner obviously did not receive my RR73 Tx 4 if he repeats Tx 3.
If you re-enable TX then that happens. Or goes to CQ if they don't repeat tx3 or send 73.
IF I do NOT receive a repeat Tx3 "R-xx" reply AND I attempt to send Tx 4 "RR73" a second time, then I will receive an alert saying "You already sent RR73 - this is normally the end of the contact. Are you sure you want to send RR73 again?"   In other words, make me confirm sending RR73 again if no repeat of Tx 3 (or Tx 5) is received. Offer the operator some computerized decision support saying "hey, this may not be necessary."
Unnecessary automation.

73 Phil GM3ZZA

73 Phil GM3ZZA

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