Locked Re: Mac OS Update Freezes WSJT-X #macOS #stopped_working

Harry O <w9hgo.skcc4647@...>

Is your MBP Ventura running a M series ARM Chip or Intel?

Harry — W9HGO

On 2022-12-05 08:58, Gary Rogers wrote:
Rick, I’m using Ventura on my intel based MacBook Pro with WSJT-X 2.6.0 rc5 without issues. Maybe upgrade to 2.6.0? Radio is FTDX10 though. Also using JT Bridge and Rumlog.

On Dec 5, 2022, at 6:26 AM, Rick Manzer<rmanzer@...> wrote:

Is anyone else seeing this problem on Mac?

Since the Mac OS to 13.x update, WSJT-X locks up when it transmits in FT8. Until the update, it received and decoded normally. Now, transmitting usually causes the app's waterfall to stop flowing, the receive signal on the lower left of the GUI to zero out, and when I quit WSJT-X, it must be forced to quit in order to restart it. Sometimes stations reply to a call, but then the app locks up and ends the exchange. Other times, it locks up during the first transmission. The radio seems to receive normally.

Before the OS update, it all worked fine. It even happens even when Tx power is reduced to 0 watts, so it’s not RF getting into the Mac. I also removed and reinstalled WSJT-X. I'm hoping not to have to back out the OS update.

Mac OS 13.0.1 on iMac 3.1Ghz 6 Core i5
WSJT-X v2.5.4
Radio Flex 6600M with SmartSDR
JT-Bridge 3.4.3

Any suggestions?

73, Harry W9HGO - Grid DM73rj
SKCC #4647 - FIST #21825 -  NAQCC #0211 - QRP ARCI #17488

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