Locked Re: FT8 F/H Not showing Hounds when calling Fox #FT8


Hello again,

PROBLEM SOLVED. My understanding of F/H has been improved greatly. Here is my NEW perspective:

In FT8 F/H mode with me as Hound and "Activate TX" depressed, the cycle goes like this:

00 Fox transmits, all Hounds are silent. I see Fox on the waterfall and I decode him.
15 All Hounds (including me) transmit. I cannot see other Hounds because I am transmitting.
30 Fox transmits again, all Hounds are silent.
45 All Hounds (including me) transmit again; nothing on the waterfall.

In order to see the other Hounds, I have to cancel "Activate TX" and listen normally. Then all Hounds will be displayed and decoded.

Vy 73 OZ1BXM Lars

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