Locked Re: Mac OS Update Freezes WSJT-X #macOS #stopped_working

Gary Rogers

I’ll make two suggestions:

Update your hamlib version. I compiled hamlib for Mac this morning at:


In Finder, go Applications, right click on WSJT-X app and select show package contents, click on contents and paste the file into the preferences folder. Tell it yes when it asks whether to replace your old file.

There was a problem with the hamlib that was shipped with rc5 that impacted Flex radios that was corrected in the current hamlib.

I’ve also seen it suggested that you rename your WSJT-X.ini file found in ~/library/preferences. WSJT-X will create a new one but you’ll have to reenter all your preferences in the general, radio, audio tabs etc in WSJT-X.

If these don’t help, I’m fresh out of ideas.

On Dec 5, 2022, at 7:53 PM, K3JRZ <k3jrz.jeff@...> wrote:

For giggles I tried again.

I'm on 13.0.1 too.

Uninstalled everything. Used CleanMyMacX to do so. Reinstalled 2.6.0 rc5. Redid special file. Rebooted. After cycles the waterfall stopped moving and nothing being decoded.

I uninstalled with CleamMyMacX again. Reinstalled 2.5.4. Redid the special file. Rebooted and again after 5 cycles the waterfall stopped moving and nothing being decoded.

Also, the app hangs/stops responding when you try to quit. Just like before with 13.0.

I'm stuck.

Jeff K3JRZ

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