Locked IC-7610 WSJT-x TX variable TX delay #transmit


I have two set ups; two computers and two radios. Both computers are running Win10 64 bit, one is a laptop and one is a tower. Radios are a Kenwood TS-2000 used with the laptop and the tower has an IC-7610. I had been using WSJT-x for many years but switched to JTDX for a couple years and now coming back to WSJT-x (for POTA reasons... long story). Anyway, the laptop and Kenwood work great with WSJT-X version 2.5.4. The tower with the Icom with the same version of WSJT-X doesn't TX when it is supposed to. Testing the Setting-Radio-Test PTT reveals that sometime the test button turns red but the rig takes a few seconds to TX. But then try it again and it TX's right away. I went back to JTDX and checked it's radio settings and they are the same as what I have in WSJT-X and JTDX works correctly. I tried the latest release candidate 2.6.0-RC05 and it behaves like 2.5.4 with the TX delay. It seems that when answer a CQ, TXing doesn't start for about 5 seconds into the exchange.

I then tried older versions of WSJT-X from the SourceForge site and found that version 2.3.0 works perfectly. I have an IC-7610 BUT I have the CI-V address set to a non-default address of "6A" which is the same as the default address for the IC-7800. That is what I have the Rig set for in the Radio tab. I presume there is a bug with newer versions of WSJT-X, can anyone confirm this?


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