locked Re: K4 running FT8 Fox Hound question spit, fake it , none ? #Elecraft

Bill, WB6JJJ

Fox/Hound mode requires that your transmit frequency start above 1000 Hz. Then when the Fox calls you, the program will move you to a lower frequency, on or near his. If you have your setting set to NONE then the program cannot move you down to below 1000 Hz to complete the QSO. So yes, Fake It or Split is required.

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Need help here.

I set up my K4 for FT8 per excellent instructions and it works fine. The settings require

My question/problem is running fox hound.

When I try to run F/H, WSJT-X prompts me with this usually requires split or fake it in the settings.

I have set it to none as per the guide.

Do I change this for fox hound or leave it.

Will F/H work if it is checked for none and not fake it or split ?

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