locked Re: Repeatedly Sending "Wanted Call" on 28.074 #txaudio #QSO_practices #AudioIssues

Pietro Molina

Sorry, I lost the first part of the messages.
The same occurs on QO-100 satellite... (and obviously can't work on
the downlink...)


Il giorno dom 27 nov 2022 alle ore 08:20 Pietro Molina via groups.io
<pietro@...> ha scritto:

Unfortunately it arrive to 30Mhz only. For as I know.


Pietro I2OIM

Il dom 27 nov 2022, 02:31 Mike Chace-Ortiz <mchaceortiz@...> ha

The TDoA direction finding service <

on the kiwiSDR network should be able to show you where the signal

PM me and I’ll be happy to send you my guide to using this amazing


On Nov 26, 2022, at 3:14 PM, Edgar Reihl <ereihl@...> wrote:

Someone has been repeatedly sending "Wanted Call" on voice (SSB) on
28.074 for the past couple of days. This message is generated by JTAlert
and it is supposed to be sent to the computer's speakers, not to the
transmitter. The operator has not configured their computer properly.
Besides being extremely annoying, it is against the rules to transmit
on this frequency.

My question for you folks is this; how can we track down this person
get in touch with them to let them know that they have misconfigured
system and must stop doing this? I cannot figure out how to interpret the
waterfall to identify the responsible party. Thank you.
73, Edgar - K9RE

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