Locked Re: Can I set wsjt-x to keep and and save the .adi (log) file in a more accessible location in Linux? #adiFiles #linux

Jeff Stillinger <kb6ibb@...>

Use Gridtracker.  Upload to QRZ in real time.  Then you don't have to mess around with the adi file at all.  Once you click Log QSO, it will send the log entry to QRZ and a host of others should you set it up that way.   The screen shot was take using LMDE 5.

On 11/24/22 11:24, w1av via groups.io wrote:
I am using wsjt-x (latest version) in Mint Linux. Works beautifully. However, when I go to upload the .ADI file to QRZ, it's not accessible. I have to use file manager to navigate to /.local/share/wsjt-x, find the .ADI file, copy it to desktop. Then go upload where it is easily found. Why does wsjt-x have to store the .ADI file in an inaccessible place? Is there a way to set it so it simply saves it to a folder/location of my choice?

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