Locked Re: JA FH on 80m #FoxAndHound

Dave Garber <ve3wej@...>

not sure, but use regular mode, but put rig in split to cover ja band plan
on receive, yet tx where you are allowed??

Dave Garber

On Fri, Nov 25, 2022 at 8:54 AM Dennis W1UE <egan.dennis88@...> wrote:

Tried to do F/H to work JAs on 80m. I posted freq on the cluster, and went
to 3590. No one.

Recalling that the JA 80m ft8 band is different, I then tried 3570 but wsjt
wouldn’t let me F/H there. As a third choice I then tried 3569 with
limited success.

So my question to the group- how can I run F/H to JA on 80m?

Dennis HQ9X

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