Locked Re: Suddenly lost the connetion to the rig #stopped_working

Reino Talarmo

Last night 30 meter worked well.
Tonight not. The setup is the same.
Change the input volume. Nothing.
If there is problem with communicating with the rig, why only sometimes on 30 m or 40 m?

And really no change on the setup today.
But working on 30 is impossible.
Sometimes is "sound input" sometimes "connection to the rig failed".

Hi (Call sign)

You did not tell whether those errors happen during reception or only during transmission or transmission attempt. If the latter, then that a typical indication of RFI problems. You may check that easily by lowering your output power and see whether errors go away. There has been a lot of advices how to combat RFI on this list.

You may have moved some wires or mouse or changed main power to a different outlet, almost anything may change RFI affects.

73, Reino OH3mA

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