locked Re: Pwr slider not working #wsjtxconfig

Michael Black

There are no absolutes here -- for example, the IC7300 can put out 100W with no ALC showing at all.  Some rigs will show ALC when at full power.  I have worked with rigs that cannot do full power without harmonics and have to stick at 95 or 90W to avoid harmonics.
I've worked with many other rigs with the same behavior.  It simply depends on how the AGC meter is designed in the rig and it varies.
Mike W9MDB

On Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 08:54:26 AM CST, Ray <anyone1545@...> wrote:

That doesn’t apply to late model Icom radios.  With these radios the ALC does nothing until it reaches the threshold. The threshold is the red area of the meter. The power control does not set power out it sets max power out. If it’s set to 50 watts then ALC will maintain power at 50 watts max by reducing power when it goes into the red. If the ALC is not just at red the radio is not putting out 50 watts. So with all ALL modes radio set ALC just below the red.
FT 8 unlike PSK is a constant envelope, constant carrier signal. The ALC will indicate a constant level. We need to get over this ALC obsession with FT 8.

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