Locked Re: Possible bug? #AudioIssues

Pietro Molina

Was the first thing I thought about. But the output of wsjt (I
understand...) is always 1500 Hz and the split moves the RF to create the
right output.
So in my station the output frequency doesn't depend on wsjt-x but on the
tuning of my transmitter. And actually I can hear my signal and it doesn't
change by shift-clicking (or ctrl-clicking) the waterfall

Pietro I2OIM

Il giorno gio 24 nov 2022 alle ore 18:37 Bruce <n7xgr1@...> ha

Pietro, What do you have the TX bandpass filter set for?
If the upper setting is lower than 2700 then you are either
on the edge or totally out of the upper limit passband.
Try adjusting the TX bandpass higher than 2700, say
3000 or higher.

Bruce N7XGR

On Thu, Nov 24, 2022 at 12:25 PM Pietro Molina <pietro@...>

v2.6 rc4
If I put the tx frequency higher than ~2700Hz I have no audio output.
I'm using split = none, data/pkt mode; the output frequency is under my
control (i'm working on QO-100 with separate devices in tx and rx, so i
manually adjust the frequency output on the tx rig)
When I change output freq (with shift click on the warefall) the audio
come back.

Waterfall screenshot (after a shift click that cancelled the audio

Pietro I2OIM

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