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Karza <kari.sillanmaki@...>

Hi Ray,

You've gotten me real confused here.

On 24.11.2022 16.54, Ray wrote:
That doesn’t apply to late model Icom radios.
I'm using an Icom 7300. So, if this is not one of the 'late models' then disregard the rest of this message.
With these radios the ALC does nothing until it reaches the threshold. The threshold is the red area of the meter. The power control does not set power out it sets max power out. If it’s set to 50 watts then ALC will maintain power at 50 watts max by reducing power when it goes into the red.
On my radio the power setting is in about 64%, but since the nominal output power is  100W, I assume  that 64% == 64 W.

If the ALC is not just at red the radio is not putting out 50 watts. So with all ALL modes radio set ALC just below the red.
Now this is where I get confused. According to various advises on the ever knowledgeable Internet, I have adjustment my settings so that the ALC indication is close to zero while TXing

Yet, with power setting about at 64% I'm getting some 53 W out according to my SWR meter. ( Tried to share a picture showing this  but failed to get any of these @$!!$# public file sharing apps to co-operate.)

FT 8 unlike PSK is a constant envelope, constant carrier signal. The ALC will indicate a constant level. We need to get over this ALC obsession with FT 8.
Read the manual but it is somewhat ambiguous when it comes to digital modes and ALC settings.

73's de Kari, oh2gqc


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