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John Sexton. ko1h

FWIW when I first stated using Wsjt-x/FT8 I had the same opinion. I was only working strong stations. Now I have an antiquated set up but since I got a handle on my output audio it works great. Currently running 5 watts to a OCF 80m Dipole up about 30Ft. in an inverted V. Part of the antenna is currently under the snow on the top of my roof lol. I work stations with signals as low as -25. My area is sorta low noise but not very. I would look into other reasons you are not being heard by lower signal to noise stations. Because just like in any mode just because you are only hearing them 10 or 20 bellow the Noise floor that doesn’t mean you aren’t 20 over S 9 at their end. I don’t know your particular set up but its not all about what you can hear that can hear you. Just this morning I had stations coming in a -15 and I was + 20 at their end in PA from Northern Maine

Just my 2 Cents

73 de John Ko1h
Van Buren ME FN67

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Running Windows 10 and never more than 10 watts. Would like to have the option to filter weak signals from the display -- maybe all with negative dB -- because I have never been able to establish contact with one of them and it would be a great benefit in terms of decluttering. As far as I have seen, this option does not now exist.
Hi Bill,

Perhaps JTAlert has even that possibility. I am not using it myself.

As such a strong reception signal may not mean that the station has a good reception. That station may use very high power, but has strong local noise level, and that means they are capable to work only other high power stations, hi! A weak signal may indicate that you see another station also using a low power and you could work it, say at -18 dB level.

By the way many operators have been quite successful using 5 W output power. Of course it depends also on the antenna system.

73, Reino OH3mA

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