Locked Re: Option to filter weak stations from display? #WSJTX_config

Reino Talarmo

Running Windows 10 and never more than 10 watts. Would like to have the option to filter weak signals from the display -- maybe all with negative dB -- because I have never been able to establish contact with one of them and it would be a great benefit in terms of decluttering. As far as I have seen, this option does not now exist.
Hi Bill,

Perhaps JTAlert has even that possibility. I am not using it myself.

As such a strong reception signal may not mean that the station has a good reception. That station may use very high power, but has strong local noise level, and that means they are capable to work only other high power stations, hi! A weak signal may indicate that you see another station also using a low power and you could work it, say at -18 dB level.

By the way many operators have been quite successful using 5 W output power. Of course it depends also on the antenna system.

73, Reino OH3mA

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