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Brad, K8ZM



Really appreciate your looking into this !!  I’m running this version now and Radios 1 and 2 work fine (just like v1.9) so was thinking it’s just a “simple” task of adding Radios 3 and 4.  I also read the “abandoned” statement but thought the version at least worked for what it was, guess that assumption was wrong, hi hi.


I will try to get clarification on the issues and report back.  At worst we’ll have a trail of crumbs for anyone asking the same question months from now.


Thanks again for your efforts and apologize for it so far being a waste of valuable time!!


Best 73’s, Brad N8GLS


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On 16/08/2019 17:50, Bill Somerville wrote:

On 16/08/2019 17:48, Bradford J. Williams - N8GLS wrote:

In the next WSJT-X release can OmniRig Radio 3 and OmniRig Radio 4 be added to the Rig list ??


73, Brad N8GLS

Hi Brad,

I can add those but I found when I tried the knock-off 4 rig clone of Omni-Rig that there are some problems with that version. YMMV.


Hi Brad,

there appears to be a few major show stoppers on this.

1) The Omni-Rig v2.0 project appears to have been abandoned,

2) The executable doesn't seem to export the correct type library for clients to access rigs  3 and 4,

3) I can't find the source code of the knock-off project which appears to be in direct violation of the MPL-2.0 license Alex, VE3ANA, releases the source code of the original Omni-Rig under.

If you can clarify all of these issues I may be able to proceed.


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