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JP Tucson, AZ

Hi Joe, W4TV,

Am I missing something? Maybe a full breakdown of the actual transmitted transmitted bit stream... that would help.

Here IS an actual F/H line from the Am. Samoa station I just worked:

143200 -3 0.1 297 ~ N7GHZ RR73; xxxxx <K8H> -08 (x's are to keep private the other station ID).
Now!........................ | ... that tilda indicates the MODE as per table 5 !!!
What I am suggesting is to use that to ID the F/H with a 'function style - f ' (the curvy one)).

So, is table 5 correct, or just fluff...? If it can indicate FTx modes from Q65, or other modes etc., why cannot is not indicate F&H?

From 12.2
Table 5. Notations used on decoded text lines
Mode Mode character
FST4 '
FT4 +
FT8 ~
JT4 $
etc., etc. ....

Here ya go.... F&H "alt 0159" (function f)

73 John

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