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Reino Talarmo

As Mike told you should use ALL.txt file, if that is in your log directory. It already contains all received message that are in the *.wav file and also your transmitted messages as well.

73, Reino OH3mA

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I have been clicking on the log QSO in grid tracker after each QSO. A week or two ago I sometimes got a message that the QSO did not log.
Because of that, every once an a while, I would copy the last part of the wsjt_log.adi file and paste it into a new text file. Then I would change the .txt ending to .adif and use TQSL to upload the new file to LoTW. That seemed to work.

However, yesterday afternoon there was no indication from GridTracker that each QSOs did not log; I did not notice that GridTracker failed to give an audio "ding" when I clicked the Log QSO button. Those QSOs do not appear in LoTW AND they do not appear in the wstjt.log text file or the wsjt_log.adi file.

However, when I check the .wav file by decoding it again, I see the end of my last QSO. I'm pretty sure all the information can be found in the .wav files.

I'm asking if there is an EASY way to regenerate wsjt_lod.adi using the saved .wav files.

John, W0GN

On 2022-11-14 8:42 am, Michael Black via groups.io wrote:
You were clicking the logging dialog and the QSOs don't show up in

You can track down your QSOs from the ALL.TXT file and then manually
enter them in the logging window.

grep MYCALL ALL.TXT | grep 73

Mike W9MDB

On Monday, November 14, 2022 at 08:37:59 AM CST, John
<radio@...> wrote:

Using grid tracker with WSJT-X and Raspberry Pi-4b. Found WSJT is not
logging QSOs in either WSJT log file.
Is there a way to regenerate yesterday afternoon's log from the .wav
files? I estimate this may be 30 completed QSOs.

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