Locked Re: Idea: notify target station of QRM and request QSY #QSO_practices

Jim Brown

On 11/13/2022 4:16 PM, Jim Shorney wrote:
I can see what you are saying, but there are different things to enjoy in the FT/JT modes. To each his own. I'll be right in that CW pile up on the rare DX with the rest of you.
I've been primarily a CW op for all of my 65 years in ham radio, but I also enjoy building my station, and using my operating skills to take advantage of what I've learned about propagation. WSJT modes provide another way to do both of those, and I use them extensively, primarily on 6M, but also chasing rare DX. Two weeks ago, I had a great time making more than 1,000 QSOs during CW Sweepstakes. I have yet to find myself attracted to FT8 contesting.

73, Jim K9YC

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