Locked Re: My Icom 718 overheats quickly and drops power #Windows10 #signalink

Earl Needham

I use an actual, oscillating floor fan on my 706 Mk 2G.

Earl / KD5XB

On Mon, Nov 14, 2022 at 7:56 AM David E. McCanna via groups.io <demccanna=
yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:

I am using an Icom 718, with Signalink and windows 10. It works fine
along with my 2 endfed antennas thru an LPG ATLP Autotuner that are 90
degrees over each other with about 10 feet separation as well. I keep my
SWR and ALC low as well.

My issue is that I will put out 50 watts (using the 718's watt meter) for
about 4 contacts, each to completion and then the power drops to as low as
20. I wait for a few minutes and the power goes back up. I am using a
small fan on the back of the 718 with minimal results. Has anyone come up
with a method that will help the 718 keep its cool?

ALSO on the power out issue, I also notice that if I go above 2500 or
below 500 on the waterfall my power out drops significantly. I miss out on
some contacts as so many others are able to work those areas. Any fix for
that, other than buying a new rig?

Thanks for any help!

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