Locked WSJT-x sending MD1; command to FT-991a, which is not a valid command #Cat_RigControl

SteveO - KC5NK

Hooked up FT-991a to PC and selected FT-991 in WSJT-x.

Getting erratic behavior and troubleshot to WSJT-x is sending incorrect command for selected radio. It hangs sending "MD1;" to my FT-991a. "MD0;" is a valid command to query what the main receiver mode is. This is value <P1> and is fixed at 0 according to Yaesu CAT documentation. The radio responds with ? to the "MD1;" command.

If leaving WSJT-x running, eventually it overcomes the issue, sending "MD0;" amongst other commands every 1 second polling.

If attempting to make a contact, in FT8, double clicking in the receive window, the CQ shows up in the TX window, it acts like it is transmitting, but the radio does not key up. Checking the serial port, the WSJT-x program is again sending "MD1;" command every 5 seconds. After the 15 second window is up, the commands recover but periodically switch back to "MD1;".

Same laptop, same WSJT-x was used on Friday/Saturday (2 days ago) with the FT-dx10 with no issues.

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