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WA2TP - Tom

It’s likely that your feedline could be radiating when you Tx.
Place a 1:1 choke at antenna AND radio.
This will provide cm isolation.

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Hi Steve NS4P

The cable I'm using between the PC and the Signalink USB came with moulded ferrite beads on both ends, so I assume it's one of the better ones ?

But, I've been sent some serious stuff by Jim K9YC which I will go through and really start with the basics

Many thanks & best 73 de ZS1PT
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I assume you are using the USB version of the SignaLink. I have solved several instances of RF problems by using a high quality USB cable between the computer and the SignaLink - specifically a Tripp-Lite U023-006 USB A (male) to USB B (male). This cable comes with two ferrites (one at each end). It's available on Amazon. If the A to B connectors are not correct for your installation I believe other versions are available. You can also purchase good ferrites from a reputable supplier (e.g. Pro Audio Engineering or Palomar Engineers) and put them on your existing communications cable.

Good luck


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