Locked Re: My Icom 718 overheats quickly and drops power #Windows10 #signalink

Robert Rose <robert.rose@...>

On your second issue it sounds like a bandwidth issue which is set in the radio. On my Yaesu there is a menu item that sets maximum bandwidth for sidebands, and then a knob lets you adjust within that range.

Is your first issue a protective feature that kicks in when the radio overheats? Rather than overriding or disabling the protective circuit, which is NOT WISE, try (a) lowering your power out from 50 to something lower, like 30, or (b) increasing air flow to the radio, or (c) lowering the runaway Tx setting in WSJT-X. Three CQ calls in a row should be enough. Or, go fishing and look for an exchange of 73s and call the station with the stronger signal. The time between QSOs might help keep your radio cool.


On Nov 14, 2022, at 7:34 AM, Larry Banks via groups.io <larryb.w1dyj@...> wrote:

´╗┐What happens to your SWR when your power drops? What is the 718 reading for SWR for both cases: OK power and low power? (Don't retune your autotuner to take these readings.)

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ

On 11/14/2022 9:53, David E. McCanna via groups.io wrote:
I am using an Icom 718, with Signalink and windows 10. It works fine along with my 2 endfed antennas thru an LPG ATLP Autotuner that are 90 degrees over each other with about 10 feet separation as well. I keep my SWR and ALC low as well.

My issue is that I will put out 50 watts (using the 718's watt meter) for about 4 contacts, each to completion and then the power drops to as low as 20. I wait for a few minutes and the power goes back up. I am using a small fan on the back of the 718 with minimal results. Has anyone come up with a method that will help the 718 keep its cool?

ALSO on the power out issue, I also notice that if I go above 2500 or below 500 on the waterfall my power out drops significantly. I miss out on some contacts as so many others are able to work those areas. Any fix for that, other than buying a new rig?

Thanks for any help!

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