Locked Re: 64 bit vs 32 bit build and 2.1.0 and TX 'jumps'

Michael Black

It sounds like you have "Default" selected as your sound device in WSJT-X.  

Whenever you plug in anything (including your rig) Windows makes it the default devices rather than asking you if you want that.

de Mike W9MDB

On Thursday, August 15, 2019, 04:11:01 AM CDT, jmontsecal@... <jmontsecal@...> wrote:

I am facing the same problems with power jumps as well as nightmares with the TX audio level, mainly after the latest windows "update". I am using W10  17763.678  , WSJTX 32 bits 2.1 , connected to an IC-7300 via USB.   
One month ago, with 2.0 and after the W10 "updates", all was running smooth  .
In addition,  W10  and LG-Gram laptop, changes the audio setting if I connect the headphones !!...  
For crying out loud !!  :-(

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