Locked Re: 64 bit vs 32 bit build and 2.1.0 and TX 'jumps'

Charlie Hein

Curious about the possibility of downgrading to the 32 bit version myself.  Lots of CAT errors on the current install.

On Tue, Aug 13, 2019, 1:50 PM K9RX - Gary <amateurK9RX@...> wrote:
I have the ability, using PowerSDR and an Anan radio, to see my transmitted signal through a sampler on the output. With the previous version of WJST, just prior to 2.1.0 (release version) which was a 32bit build, I rarely saw jumps on the xmit display, it was most of the time stable. At times when it was unstable, and this is jumping of the waveform at the bottom, down -45db or more but still there, I could change the affinity for PowerSDR and immediately see it clean up. Now with the the latest version, but 64 bit build, it jumps quite a bit and the affinity (on PSDR) seems to have no bearing like it did before. Is there a connection between this and 32 vs. 64 or is this more related to the latest Windows upgrade? I've seen no issues that I can directly attribute to the Win update. 

If this is an unknown is there any issue with uninstalling the 64 bit build and then installing the 32 bit as a test? (w/o of course impacting any log/data files of course) 
[computer is i7-8770 and generally is in the sub 10% range for processor, 4-8% for PSDR]

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