Locked Re: unproductive band hopping

Bill Somerville

On 13/08/2019 15:02, Don - KM4UDX wrote:
So I fixed it like this.  I just can't TX on 160/30/12, so they are the only bands with Rx only checked.  

Related question: should I spend more time on 40/20 (with the majority of traffic), or dilute the time on 40/20 by also hopping to 17/15/10?  I can TX on 17/15/10, but there are releatively few other wsprs up there. From a trade standpoint, given that I want to maximize the number of two-way spot reports, should I spend (split) time on 17/15/10 or just concentrate on 80/40/20?


you still don't have Rx enabled for any time on 160m, 30m, or 12m.

I doubt dropping bands you don't expect to hear WSPR signals on in the hope of seeing other WSPR spots elsewhere will be a good strategy, better to be on the coordinate band in case there is propagation. 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m are regularly open here during the day in the Summer months with sporadic E propagation.


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