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Phil Cooper

Hi all,

I am still using v2.5.4 here, and I have not experienced the issue mentioned here.
However, I am not sure the version is relevant here.

I have worked numerous DXpeditions in F/H mode over the last 2 weeks, and what I think MAY be happening is that they have gone from 1 or 2 streams to maybe 3 or 4, and this will then reduce their TX power somewhat, meaning you may not have actually copied their RR73.
The fact that they didn't call you again "usually" means that they have logged you.

The fact that your TX moves is how F/H mode is meant to work, and if you are sent a report again, then your TX will move elsewhere. If the QSO is incomplete, your TX should go back to message 1.

That's just my take on your experience.

73 de Phil GU0SUP

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Same experience as well... Running the RC4 software.

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
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On 11/5/22 06:13, Chris G4IFX wrote:
That's a very interesting report, John, because I've had the same
experience. Even more surprising is that, checking Clublog later, I find I
am actually in the log (sometimes more than once) so the RR73 must have
been sent. That makes it sound like a receive issue to me, maybe to do with
reduced sensitivity for the dual RR73/signal report messages that F/H and
MSHV use.

On Sat, 5 Nov 2022, 12:41 John Nelson, <gw4frx@...> wrote:

Has anyone else encountered a problem recently with contacts not being
completed in F&H mode?

On seven separate occasions this week involving three DX stations (J28MD,
P29RO and VK9CM) my transmit frequency has been changed to that of whatever
stream was in use and I’ve sent and received perfectly valid reports.
However, the expected RR73 has not followed and after three retries my
transmit frequency has been moved 300Hz up and the DX has called CQ.

Looking at the display suggests that numerous other stations calling the
DX have been having the same problem. J28MD was a good signal on 3.5MHz
last night but failed to complete with anyone for at least 30 minutes.

I could believe poor reception or QRM might have been the problem once or
twice but not seven times, especially given that P29RO and VK9CM were both
extremely strong (about +20) when I was trying to work them on 28MHz and
gave me good reports too.

I’m using v2.6.0 rc4 if that’s relevant.

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