locked Re: Broken #hamlib

Tim Dawson

That indicates that the audio device is fine (and I assume by "band activity" you mean the waterfall? It also runs soley from rx audio). Freq, key, band select, etc. are all done via the CAT device, independently of audio, so that is where to focus to resolve your problem.

On October 25, 2022 10:42:14 AM CDT, w5ec <bhw5ec@...> wrote:
Well, that didn't work. Everything remains the same.
One piece of info, WSJTX decodes fine, but it does not get any band or frequency info.
The operating band box is empty and the button next to it is red and the USB Dial Frequency box is red and shows all zeros.
It is curious that Band Activity info is arriving but freq info is not. Plus clicking TUNE button does nothing and still no audio.
Could this be a radio setting that is wrong? I have double checked them.

Bill W5EC

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