locked Re: Broken #hamlib

Tim Dawson

Hamlib is used for frequency control and keying . . . it has no involvement in the audio path.

So, I am a bit unclear on your specific problem (and it seems like there may be more than one).

On October 24, 2022 3:45:49 PM CDT, w5ec <bhw5ec@...> wrote:
Everything is broken. A few days ago FT8 was working fine .
Then transmitting stopped and I got an error message "An input signal connection has been lost".
Received signals were decoded but there was no audio stream from WSJTX.
I could not find anything that would correct the problem. I kept getting the error message pius another that wanted me to reconfigure the settings.
Finally I rebooted WSJTX.
On restart, this error message came up:
Rig Failure

Hamlib error: communication timed out
serial.(884);ser_close return(0)
iofunc.(361):port_close return(0)
rig.c(1083):rig_open return(-5) Communication timed out
serial.c(884):ser_close return(0)
iofunt.c(361):port_close return(0)
iofunt.c(361):port_close return(0) while opening connection to rig

Maybe these will indicate something to some of you.
It looks like the cable is disconnected as nothing in working in WSJTX. I replaced the cable, no difference.
Is it WSJTX? Is it my computer?

Suggestions appreciated.
Bill W5EC

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