locked Re: FT-DX10 Audio Level #Yaesu

Steve Kavanagh

Hi Mike

If I turn RPORT GAIN down I see the RF power drop. It does not affect anything on the computer.

The FTDX10 does not work with the settings you suggest using the USB audio, because it takes the (potentially quite high-level) analog audio from the USB CODEC directly into the low level microphone circuitry. There is NO analog audio gain/attenuation control in between (as there almost always used to be as part of the interface circuit, before built-in USB interfaces became a thing). RPORT GAIN is apparently implemented in the DSP after the TX audio has been re-digitized (it's a software-defined transmitter), if my reading of the schematics is correct. It seems that the sum of the Windows Playback setting (in dB) and the WSJT-X power slider (in dB) need to be in the vicinity of -50 dB (on my Dell laptop, at least) to ensure that there is no clipping in the analog audio input stages (or maybe the A/D conversion following that). Perhaps a slightly smaller negative number if you rely more on FakeIt to kill the audio harmonics in FT8/FT4.

Steve VE3SMA

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