Locked Re: #Yaesu FT-710 FT8 recommended power output max 50w #Yaesu

Cliff Fox (KU4GW)

Nick, I sometimes run up to 65 watts on my FT-991A, but that's the maximum I run. My FT-991A was getting very hot when I'd get a bit long-winded on Feld Hell FSK-105 a.k.a. FM Hell mode which has a transmit duty cycle of around 80% and I figured out just by trying it that the 3 inch x 3 inch (7.62 x 7.62 centimeters) factory installed cooling fan just wasn't cooling the rig sufficiently in my humble opinion because it would get so hot. I had a old 4 inch x 4 inch (10.16 x10.16 centimeter) computer cooling fan in one of my plastic parts coffee cans that runs off of 12 volts so I wired it to one of my extra 12 volt wall warts/AC adaptors and if I set the larger cooling fan directly in front of the installed 3" x 3" fan the radio runs much cooler and barely heats up at all even if I do get a bit long-winded. I've been running it with the larger cooling fan that way ever since on all digital modes and my FT-991A is much happier and so am I. I don't worry so much now that I may burn out the final MOSFET's because it runs so much cooler than what it did before I started using the larger size cooling fan.

"Very 73 de Cliff, KU4GW"

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