Locked Re: #windows11 USB Soundcard issue with WSJT-x #windows11

Bruce N7XGR

Al, It seems that Dell does not have their act together.
I would complain to Dell about this problem because it appears
they have loaded some crazy bloatware and thus affecting
the audio function.
If it was me then I would get a Solid State drive of either 250 or
500 gigs and get regular Win 10 and install that in the Dell.
This way you will start off with a regular Windoze version
without all of the headache of Dell's nefarious bloatware.

Bruce N7XGR

On Mon, Oct 10, 2022 at 5:25 PM Al WB9UVJ <markaren1@...> wrote:

I had some time and reconfigured using my FT-818 and Signalink interface.
The audio behaves the same way. After the transmission starts the audio
output to the radio starts to fall and within the transmit period will
actually fall to about a third of the selected audio on the metering within
windows. I tried turning off Wave services and all that did was remove my
headphone output. I am really leaning towards RealTek being at fault. I
will pursue that next. I know that there is a reported fault in the latest
two drivers that do affect audio. I also found a reference to other
applications that are open interfering with audio, but I have not found
that to be true. My audio output level never rises, it always falls.

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