Locked Decode button getting stuck in 'on' #FST4W #decode


I'm running two instances of WSJT-X v2.5.4 on a single PC. In one of the instances, the decode button turns blue and stays blue indefinitely, which has the effect of preventing any actual decodes. This occurs each time I start this instance of WSJT-X after turning on the PC. If I then close that instance and restart it, it runs fine. There is no problem with the other WSJT-X instance.

Some details which may or may not make any difference: The instance which works ok is executing "c:\wsjt\wsjtx\bin\wsjt.exe". It is doing receive-only WSPR monitoring on 630m. The instance having the problem is executing "c:\wsjt\wsjtx254-2\bin\wsjt.exe -rig-name=second". It is doing receive-only monitoring of FST4W-120 on 630m. Both instances share audio input from the same SDR via virtual cable software. OS is Windows 10.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Frank K6FOD

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