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Tim Dawson

With full ntp, the drift correction factor calculated for you clock will allow it to stay in sync far, far, longer that it could umcorrected. For long term issues, eithe GPS or a WWV/WWVB based time source would be required. (I keep my main server in sync and corrected, and it also acts as a lower stratum *server*, so that if I lose external ntp, it will be low drift, and all other systems in my world will stay together and sync to it when the local server takes precedence due to the outage. On restoration, ntp will drift the main server back, and once it gets stablized, the clients will follow.

On October 8, 2022 1:58:24 PM CDT, Chuck Gelm <nc8q-aredn@...> wrote:
On 10/8/22 09:11, Larry Banks via groups.io wrote:
If the whole internet is down, I personally think that running WSJT-X will be far back in our minds...

Larry / W1DYJ
Hi, Larry:

What if only my internet connection is down?

73, Chuck

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