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Tim Dawson

I have never really paid much attention to which servers I have used, but with a "true" ntpd deployment on *nix, I routinely hold 1.5ms (or less), and I am certain that nothing is within 500 miles (current servers showing 1.588 and 1.647 ms lag) Interval is as calculated by ntpd, currently at 1024 seconds (the *longest* it will use . . . ). Some lower tier backup servers seem to be a bit less stable (my primaries are official stratum-1 servers) and ntpd will run shorter intervals until those stabilize, as per it's design . . .

Oh, and the servers I use show a propagation delay or about 93ms.

NTP, when a proper implementation is used (IE *NOT* SNTP) works, and works well . . .

On October 8, 2022 7:31:23 AM CDT, Chuck Gelm <nc8q-aredn@...> wrote:
On 10/8/22 00:11, John P wrote:
I deleted any in the list that were more than about 500 miles away and ever since, 'Time.is' has always reported my time as 'exact'.

I suggest that there may be no NTP servers within ( apparent ) 500 miles.
Please do a test to see if any NTP server has ~<= 3 ms latency.

A first test everyone can do is to see if /time.is/ reports your time as 'exact'.
If not, then your clock is errant and WSJT-X decodes may fail.

IIRC, regarding your computer's clock using MS-Windows:
Dimension4 syncs time...a leap at a time.
Meinberg manages time...adjusting your clock speed in very small increments.

73, Chuck

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