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Phil Cooper

Hi to Alan, Brian and Kari,

That is very interesting! I changed the time update period earlier, and that did seem to make a difference. I think I went from 1 minute to 5 minutes, and noticed it didn't drop as much. I will change that to 30 minutes over the weekend, and see whether that improves things.

As for Meinburg vs Dimension4, well, that seems to be one of those things. I know many folk that run D4 happily, and hate Meinburg, and also vice versa, so I will stick with D4 for now.

Thanks for the tips, all much appreciated. I will keep an eye on things, and see what happens.

Very 73


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On 07/10/2022 15:59, Phil Cooper via groups.io wrote:
is updated every minute. Maybe that is too often?

Use far less than that, maybe several hours or more unless your PC clock
is broken.

In fact the proper NTP of Meinberg is recommended.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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